Hilltop ( Wilson Point)

About this property

The entire front of the property runs along the river and can be accessed via a jetty opening up into the river.  A motorized boat is available for short rides down the river. Swings, hammocks and a sheltered seating area can be found by the river. A walking path covers the entire length of the property, including a very beautiful stretch by the riverside.

Situated right on the top of Mahableshwar’s highest point, the famous Wilson point, the bungalow looks out into the valley and the surrounding mountains.


This location offers a modern two storey bungalow with panoramic views of the mountains.


The main house includes 8 bedrooms, a lawn & circular driveway and a large veranda, offering a 180 degree view of the lush green mountains.

A detailed listing of the property and facilities can be found below: 

  • 8 bedroom 10,000 sq foot main bungalow
  • Manicured circular driveway
  • Large living room
  • 2 verandas overlooking a panoramic mountain view
  • Bay windows
  • Bar area
  • Fully functional Kitchen
  • Weight Equipment Area

The offering

At the panvel riverside property we organize customized events for groups at the property so both the meals and the activities can be organized according to ones schedule.

We only offer the entire property exclusively to one group at a time, so all facilities, staff and equipment will be dedicated to your group for the duration of the event. In terms of cuisine, we offer barbecue and tandoor items as well as indian, chinese, parsi and some continental cuisine.  I typically offer a range of starters as well as an extensive main course.

Starters and main course items can be switched depending on your preference. The property itself is a large 6 acre plot adjoining the patal ganga river. It offers 14 large rooms with AC’s and balconies. We have our own swimming pool, boating facility (10 seater), football field, full size snooker table and a number of activities (table tennis, badminton, carom, cricket, volleyball).

The central lawn is ideal for team games and sports activities. A plug and play loudspeaker music system is also available by the riverside.

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